Marcell Wilson

Founder & President

My name is Marcell Wilson, I am co-founder and co-executive director of One By One. I was born 11/08/78, to a mother that is 16 years my senior, Caucasian and my father, 19 at the time was born in Jamaica and had recently migrated to Canada with my grandmother and his 3 younger siblings.

I was raised in Toronto Ontario Canada’s south, west end in a MTHA (Metro Toronto Housing Authority) housing project named Swansea Mews. I left home at thirteen and lived on the streets off and on, coming home then leaving for one reason or another until seventeen when I left home permanently. The first time I left is when I was introduced to petty criminal activity then soon after, gang activity then ultimately it all led to organized crime. I rose through the ranks rather quickly and became the leader of national street gang because I took it seriously, was ruthless, kept my word, wasn’t afraid to take risks and do whatever it took to make things happen. It also helped that by the time I had finished growing I was 6’5, 245 lbs.

For many years I wrote deeply descriptive, thought provoking rap lyrics/poems about my life and surroundings under the stage name “King Con”. In 1995 I created a rap group called CROOKS OF DA ROUND TABLE with several other talented musicians from my neighborhood and other low income neighborhoods in the Greater Toronto Area. We released our first single “Day by day knight by knight” in the summer of 1996 under JUICE RECORDS an indie record label that I was co-CEO of. We did our own distribution through SONY CANADA, sold over 10,000 copies worldwide, followed by a video in 1997 titled “Knighted Rebels”. This was played in medium rotation on programs such as MUCH MUSIC’s RAP CITY & BET’s RAP CITY while our single was regularly played on radio stations internationally. In 1998 we released our 2nd single “Passionate Stare” with a video and this also did fairly well with sales which led to an invite to feature on EMI’s BEATFACTORY’s RAP ESSENTIALS 2 and a nominee for best group at the URBAN CANADIAN MUSIC AWARDS. I am a published writer in that respect.

Lastly, the first chapter of CRONICLES OF A CHANGED MAN was recently intergraded into a criminology course at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOTI). I was a guest speaker/lecturer at the “The Race Against Injustice: Race, ethnicity and the law” For THE STUDENT LAW ASSOCIATION (SLA) and I was part of a panel of speakers for an event “Life after, Reflections on hate and trauma” with ex right-wing extremist Bradley J Galloway & Muslim activist & writer Robert Muhammad Heft. That event was filmed by CBC POV for a documentary released Nov '17 called SKINHEAD. The event was sponsored by the University of Ontario Institute of Technology & the Durham Regional Police.

I am now regional coordinator for Toronto @ the Against Violent Extremism Network, the largest network of former extremists, radicals, gang & organized crime members on the planet.

Please join us on our mission to save lives and make our communities safer.